Overcome Your Fears

We are a community. All ages and skill levels working together to achieve our fitness goals. We check egos at the door and push each other every workout. We work hard and have fun. As one. Because we know that together is a great way to live healthier.


CrossFit at Fierce Play

Prepare to work hard. And make a lot of friends while achieving your fitness goals. Workouts are designed to help you become more agile, flexible, and stronger. Physically and mentally. Together we challenge and push each other towards healthier and more powerful versions of ourselves.


Strength Training

Build strength. And a stronger mind.


Metabolic Conditioning

High intensity training. Just another word for ‘fun’.



Say hello to the days of moving like a kid again.



Are you new to CrossFit?

We’d love to meet you! Sign up for our free introductory class and try it for yourself. We can’t promise you won’t be coming back for more.