Should I sign up for the CrossFit Open this year?

Have you been asking yourself "Should I sign up for the CrossFit Open this year?" Telling yourself "I'm not gonna win so why should I pay $20. I can just do the workouts and see where I finished by looking at the leaderboard." First, if you are tell yourself your not gonna do well so why do it. That is a negative attitude right away and it will always limit you and hold you back thinking like that. Then you say I don't have a negative attitude I'm just being realistic. Yes I understand for the majority this is the truth but thinking like that still doesn't make it positive.

Second that is not what the open is about. For a select few the CrossFit Open is about making it to regionals and then hopefully make it to The CrossFit Games and I would be willing to bet for most of those select few it is about more than just the competition. It is about the community world wide coming together and doing the same workouts. Experiencing and connecting the community thru doing what we love the WOD!

To everyone I say I think you should sign up for the open not to compare yourself with everyone but more to hold yourself accountable for trying hard and giving it your all. It puts some skin in the game so it's not just another workout. It helps you test yourself and push to places you may have not been before. You will come out stronger and more confident. It will test you and give you feed back on what you might need a little work on. Most importantly it is a way to connect with others world wide thru fitness the same way we connect with those in our own gym. We connect thru Fitness, thru a constant pursuit to get better and healthier day in and day out!

Sign up and get ready to have some fun! We will be doing the first workout this Saturday February 28th, 2015. Then the next 4 weeks on Friday nights from 5pm-7:30pm. If you are not a member but would like to join us send us an email.

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