Rev Up Your Running


Running. Well, we are pretty sure you’ve got this one down, so we’ll leave it at that. OK kidding. But seriously, running is the most fundamental metabolic conditioning movement in the history of man, in the history of space and time.  It also is one of the most intense metabolic conditioning exercises you can perform, sucking the life from your legs, lungs, and soul. Now, let’s dive into some great tips & tricks to help you keep proper form while running.

Watch the video clip below for a full explanation of technique, tips and tricks for performing the movement with efficiency, as well as precautions for staying safe.


  1. Controlled Fall: To gain momentum and propel yourself forward in the run, think about taking a controlled fall. Make a four with your leg and then fall forward until that leg releases and you have your body weight over the leg in front. This controlled fall motion actually allows gravity to work to your advantage to gain momentum.

  2. Keep Ribcage Down: Many runners have lower back issues because they stand too far upright. Focus on keeping your ribcage down and your core tight as you lean forward into the run, to ensure you are not overextending your back.

  3. Roll through Your Feet: As you land each step in the run, try to not smack your heel down hard onto the ground, but instead roll from heel to toe. This pronation in the feet will ensure you are not causing undue stress to your foot muscles and joints when running on hard surfaces such as concrete.

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Fierce Play’s Metabolic Conditioning Series focuses on proper technique, as well as tips & tricks, to master some of the foundational movements that will be integrated into many of the workouts you will perform. Start your next workout with the confidence and skills to do the movement safely and effectively.