Ramp Up with the Ring Row


A Part of Fierce Play's Hanging Gymnastics Series

The ring row is a hanging gymnastics movement that builds strength in the upper body, in particular the back, muscles, and can act as a great progression movement toward helping athletes achieve a pull up. The ring row is performed when the athlete, holding onto rings that are positioned at hip height, drops his / her body back until arms are extended, and then proceeds to pull the chest up to the rings and back again. The ring row effectively works not only the back muscles, but also arms, and core muscles as the athlete maintains a steady and straight torso while raising and lowering the body from the rings.

Watch the video clip below for a full explanation of technique, tips and tricks for performing the movement with efficiency, as well as precautions for staying safe.



  1. Set Up at Hip Height: Set up the rings to be at hip height as you stand in front of them. This will allow for maximum range of motion while you perform the movement.
  2. Keep Body in Straight Line: As you drop your body back, holding onto the rings, keep your torso and legs in a straight line, and try not to let your body bend at the hip. Instead, keep your core tight and focus on creating a rigid body as you raise your chest up to the rings and back down with arms locked out.
  3. Step Back: If you struggle to perform the ring row in its entirety with chest touching the rings, take a step back from where the rings hang. This creates less range of motion and creates a slight incline, making it easier to complete a proper ring row.
  4. Step Forward: To make the movement more challenging and gain more strength, step forward from where the rings hang before performing the movement. This creates less of an incline in the body, forcing you to move more body weight.

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Fierce Play’s Hanging Gymnastics Series focuses on proper technique, as well as tips & tricks, to master some of the foundational movements that will be integrated into many of the workouts you will perform. Start your next workout with the confidence and skills to do the movement safely and effectively.