Pizza, Coors Light and Diet Pills



It seems that every day our lives get more and more convenient. The more convenient life gets, the more we are conditioned to want something for nothing. Many people these days want to pop some diet pills, eat some pepperoni pizza and chase it all with Coors Light - then they expect to lose weight or get healthier!

This is not reality!  It takes work to get where you want to go!

Not that you can’t get lucky sometimes, but the reality is that most successful people in the world got there by working hard for it!

We all know that life is not always easy. And for some, life can be way harder than for others. How many stories have you heard about  people making it big after starting from nothing, or after coming back from a tough situation?

Too many to count.  These stories inspire us and give us hope. They motivate us and have so much appeal, you’ll even hear about them in the doom-and-gloom, mainstream media.

Dedication, not Desire, Determines your Destiny.

So what do these successful, persevering people do differently from the rest?  Why do they achieve success when facing setbacks and adversity?

Yes. They believe in themselves.  But positive affirmations and believing in yourself only go so far.  You need to believe, but only when belief is coupled with desire and driven by dedication will it help you achieve your destiny.

This is the most powerful thing you can do:




Don’t let fear of failure get in your way and do not ever expect to achieve anything of value that you are not willing to work for!