Think back to your first day of Junior High. Chances are if your school was anything like mine, you had some of your old friends from elementary school there, but also a whole bunch of new faces from other schools too.

You might also remember a time where you didn’t have any of your close friends in your new class! Oh, the discomfort. Were you going to sit there quietly…all year long? Sure, that’s the thought at the time - but you were also 12! It made sense.

And how does it turn out? That some strangers from those years end up becoming your best friends for an entire life of fun and happiness.

It’s actually kinda like FITCAMP!

Each FITCAMP we run has a little bit of everything, and awesome personalities are definitely one of them.

There are the people trying to get back in shape...and somehow they end up becoming really good friends with the people who are getting in shape for the first time. Yeah, they have different backgrounds, but because we get to share in our struggles together, we are also able to share in our successes, too!

There’s the workout buddy who thinks they’re there just because their friend dragged them along...and they turn out to be the most outgoing person in the Bootcamp!

We’ve had people who are attending because the Doc has said you ‘Have To’ do this for your health - they end up being the inspiration for so many on days when it’s tough to even think about working out. You know if they can do it, then you can try too!

The friendships made at FITCAMP lasts, too.

You get to meet your new friends in person at our Enrollment Day on July 11th - it’s just $49 to reserve your spot, and meet all the awesome new people who will help hold you accountable to the results you’ve always wanted.

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