Fear Not


Fear is the #1 limiter in almost every endeavor in life.Why are people afraid?

mj-quoteWhy are people afraid?

That’s a great question and like all great questions, It’s a very hard one to answer.

Day in and day out I have new clients coming in worried that they will do something wrong, or that they won’t be able to perform a workout, or they’re worried that they could get hurt.

Fear is a very real and important tool in our self-preservation. It warns us of danger and helps keep us safe. Simply telling someone who is afraid to “fear not” is like throwing a thimble of water on a raging fire.  No effect.  I mean, really, how do you simply stop fearing?  Let’s try it...Think of something you’re afraid of. Now...Do not fear!  Did it work?  Didn’t think so...

That’s because almost all fear is generated by a “what if” scenario - the fear of something that may or may not ever transpire - the fear of the unknown and unusual.  Logically then, the proper way to overcome fear, is to take the mystery and the unknown out of the fear equation.

In CrossFit, there are several common fears like those listed above.  Almost all of these can be overcome through the thorough explanation and scaling of our workouts (applying different exercises to different skill levels and abilities) and through the support of our community.

Fear Paralyzes: What are the Consequences of Doing Nothing?

I can see your future!

I could safely bet you a million dollars today that you will be visiting the doctor or the emergency room at some point for some reason in your future.  If you do nothing about your fitness level, letting fear keep you from the gym, I’d bet another million that the reason for your visit will be a result of bad health brought on by lack of fitness. All because you did not, Fear Not!

Everyone, including me, has felt fear at some point.  It’s how we’re designed to survive in a dangerous world.

But the truth is FEAR is Based on a Lie.

Your thought,  “I’m afraid of spiders!”

I am afraid of spiders just so you know. Lol!

But when you really think about it, you’re afraid of spiders because you think they might bite you or because spiders are creepy looking. Do they really need to have eight, hairy legs?  Ugh!. But the fear is really the thought, “I am afraid of spiders.”  That’s not true.  You are afraid of the potential a spider represents - the possibility of a bite.

It may bite you or worse, crawl on you. but there is no guarantee that it will actually happen.  Your fear tells you to stay away to avoid danger.  The funny thing is though, 99% of the time, your interaction with a spider occurs without any contact and even the spiders you don’t see almost never bite you .

So the thought is the fear.  Many people are under the belief that their thoughts of the future will definitely happen which causes the fear, which leads to inaction.

That is simply not the reality. A huge percentage of the things we worry about and fear never come to fruition.  Fear is a lie and, like all lies, it’ll keep you down and keep you from what is great in this world.

Change The Way You Think.  Imagine Great Things!

Since we know that fear is a lie brought about by uncertainty about some future event, perhaps focusing on the present, in the here and now, can help you overcome some of your biggest fears.  Your ability to overcome fear is found in processes that keep you rooted in the present.

CrossFit is rife with processes designed to keep you safe, make you strong and generate results. These processes keep you rooted in the present with a positive eye on the future. Imagine great things for yourself and Fear Not Because when you let fear win, you are giving yourself permission to do nothing!

I challenge you to use your imagination for this purpose: Not imagining what could go wrong but what could go right, then focusing on the processes that’ll get you there!  I guarantee you’ll find a whole world of opportunities is out there. It’s hidden behind the lie that keeps you from Fearing Not!

Keep an eye out I will have another blog on this very mindset coming soon!

This is the single biggest thing you can do to be successful in any endeavor in life.

So don’t miss it!

Conquer your FEARS!