Eat all you want perform better and melt away that fat


Aren’t You Hungry?

Now more than ever, people are being conditioned to believe that the key to losing weight is eating less. While there is some merit to this school of thought, it can often cause more harm than good.

The main problem is that the “eat less, lose weight” strategy focuses solely on the quantity of food we take in, while it is much more valuable and effective to focus on the quality of the foods we eat.

Many people sneak little portions of foods that have very low nutritional value and they tell themselves, “well I just won’t eat that much and it won’t really count against me.” Or they believe, “Little portion, big workout. I come out ahead, right?” Wrong!

You Gotta Eat!

There are several things wrong with this type of thinking and this manner of eating. First, not eating enough every day can lead to many nutritional deficiencies which can result in declining health, weakness and disappointing results at the gym.

Often, people who eat very little each day end up feeling tired and sluggish uncomfortable and cranky. This is due to a lack of valuable nutrients. You gotta eat right to feel right. You’ll have more fun and be more fun to be around!

If you are trying to get fit, slim down and build a toned physique, under-eating small portions of bad food is way worse for you than overeating good, whole foods.  This former approach cannot support muscle growth and actually counteracts almost all of your efforts to get fit and get toned, leaving you frustrated and with, at best, plateaued results.

Ultimately You Will Lose, and Lose and Lose

Eating less will help you lose some weight, but it will also help you lose your health, your stamina, your energy level and your muscle tone.

Today, weight seems to hold an overly important place in our overall fitness picture. People seem to contemplate or consider why, or even if, weight matters in the overall fitness picture at all. If you had the physique of Brad Pitt and the scale says you weigh 350 pounds, would you complain? (Hell No!!!)

Most of the extraordinarily fit women in the world are heavy by today’s supermodel, stick-thin standards.  For them, weight only matters insomuch as it pertains to their performance.  We’d be hard pressed to say that they don’t look amazing.

What’s most important for them and should be most important for you, is what’s healthy and what defines fitness for you, not some arbitrary number a scale spits out.  In the overall fitness game, weight matters, but its value is limited taken on its own, without taking fitness level and activity level and metabolic health into account.  It is very possible to have two, 5’10”, 195-lb men side-by-side, one incredibly fit, the other not-so-much.

So What Do You Do?  Fill-er Up, Please.  With Premium

Eating less may or may not lead to weighing less,and eating any amount of the wrong foods is counteractive to fitness and strength. Focusing on the quality of the food you eat before the quantity will yield amazing fitness results.

Interestingly enough, eating healthy may just lead to eating less anyway, because it is very difficult to overeat  whole, non-processed, quality food. Quality food fills us up quickly, way faster than low quality, highly processed food, so it's hard to overeat quality foods even if you want to.

So eat all you want of the good stuff and experience amazing results at whatever weight is right for you.  Avoid the processed foods at any level, eat right and you’ll get the nutrients that your body really needs. You can eat until you’re stuffed and you won’t need to worry about getting fat.

If you have any questions on your nutrition don’t be shy I don’t bit and I would love to help! Ask me and I will be more than happy to help!

Coach Jeff

Pizza, Coors Light and Diet Pills



It seems that every day our lives get more and more convenient. The more convenient life gets, the more we are conditioned to want something for nothing. Many people these days want to pop some diet pills, eat some pepperoni pizza and chase it all with Coors Light - then they expect to lose weight or get healthier!

This is not reality!  It takes work to get where you want to go!

Not that you can’t get lucky sometimes, but the reality is that most successful people in the world got there by working hard for it!

We all know that life is not always easy. And for some, life can be way harder than for others. How many stories have you heard about  people making it big after starting from nothing, or after coming back from a tough situation?

Too many to count.  These stories inspire us and give us hope. They motivate us and have so much appeal, you’ll even hear about them in the doom-and-gloom, mainstream media.

Dedication, not Desire, Determines your Destiny.

So what do these successful, persevering people do differently from the rest?  Why do they achieve success when facing setbacks and adversity?

Yes. They believe in themselves.  But positive affirmations and believing in yourself only go so far.  You need to believe, but only when belief is coupled with desire and driven by dedication will it help you achieve your destiny.

This is the most powerful thing you can do:




Don’t let fear of failure get in your way and do not ever expect to achieve anything of value that you are not willing to work for!