Think back to your first day of Junior High. Chances are if your school was anything like mine, you had some of your old friends from elementary school there, but also a whole bunch of new faces from other schools too.

You might also remember a time where you didn’t have any of your close friends in your new class! Oh, the discomfort. Were you going to sit there quietly…all year long? Sure, that’s the thought at the time - but you were also 12! It made sense.

And how does it turn out? That some strangers from those years end up becoming your best friends for an entire life of fun and happiness.

It’s actually kinda like FITCAMP!

Each FITCAMP we run has a little bit of everything, and awesome personalities are definitely one of them.

There are the people trying to get back in shape...and somehow they end up becoming really good friends with the people who are getting in shape for the first time. Yeah, they have different backgrounds, but because we get to share in our struggles together, we are also able to share in our successes, too!

There’s the workout buddy who thinks they’re there just because their friend dragged them along...and they turn out to be the most outgoing person in the Bootcamp!

We’ve had people who are attending because the Doc has said you ‘Have To’ do this for your health - they end up being the inspiration for so many on days when it’s tough to even think about working out. You know if they can do it, then you can try too!

The friendships made at FITCAMP lasts, too.

You get to meet your new friends in person at our Enrollment Day on July 11th - it’s just $49 to reserve your spot, and meet all the awesome new people who will help hold you accountable to the results you’ve always wanted.

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What Results Really Look Like

Close your eyes. Wait, you’ll have to open them to finish reading this, but you get the idea. Have you ever sat and thought what it would look like, I mean what it would REALLY look like, if you achieved the results that you wanted?

I had a phone call yesterday with a new lady, Katie, who is now coming to our Enrollment Day on July 11th...but it took us a little bit to figure out exactly WHY she wanted to come out!

See - with a program as effective as FITCAMP, there really is a whole world or possible results to get.

But the most important part is that the results are what’s meaningful to you!

I think that might be what makes our program so unique, and the results to dramatic...we take people from all different walks of life, get them in a supportive, and encouraging environment, and then the magic happens!

So now it’s your turn - what results do you want?

  • Is it body
  • Is it found learning some new fitness skills, and getting in the best shape of your life so you’re an example to your friends and family?
  • Are your results found in the extra energy that comes with doing amazing workouts so you’re finally that person who just never seems to stop?

Or are the results found in the most important place - between your ears - the results of confidence in who you are and how you live your life.

Your unique goals are important to me, and each of the Coaches at FITCAMP.

So now - close your eyes & really think about what you want - you know I’m here to help!

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What You're Missing At FITCAMP!

Have you ever had a friend try to get you to listen to a certain singer or song? You know, it’s one that you’ve heard before, or really, ‘thought’ you heard before?

And then you actually get to listen to the new song they’re talking about!

BAM - all the sudden it’s your FAVORITE SONG and it’s on repeat like someone is going to take it away from you [I mean really, who would do such a thing].

Well, it turns out, your previous experiences working out might be the same way.

See, we’ve got this program, FITCAMP, that is specially designed to help people not currently in our amazing Community to learn all the nuts & bolts about real, lifelong fitness.

People come in skeptical, they’ve tried before, but the programs just didn’t deliver what they said they would - because they don’t have the FITCAMP Proven Success Formula!

Because we’ve been hundreds & hundreds of people just like you succeed every day for years now, we knew that to make a successful program, it was going to take more than ‘just’ our famous workouts!

To really achieve your fitness goals, it also takes education on nutrition and lifestyle factors. The other 23 hours of the day that you’re not with us are just as important for your success!

We get to cover these areas in a fun & encouraging atmosphere, where we keep everyone accountable through a positive support system. Every camp people come together as strangers, and leave with life-long lasting friendships!

Finally, we wrap up all of this with the best certified Coaches around! We have Coaches who are trained to help you crush your goals and then set new ones.

So, if you’re starting to wonder what else is around the corner that you can’t quite see in FITCAMP, you’re not alone.

We’re starting our next ‘Go-Round’ of our 6-week FITCAMP on July 11th, 2015.

...And we’d love to be your new favorite song!

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Should I sign up for the CrossFit Open this year?

Have you been asking yourself "Should I sign up for the CrossFit Open this year?" Telling yourself "I'm not gonna win so why should I pay $20. I can just do the workouts and see where I finished by looking at the leaderboard." First, if you are tell yourself your not gonna do well so why do it. That is a negative attitude right away and it will always limit you and hold you back thinking like that. Then you say I don't have a negative attitude I'm just being realistic. Yes I understand for the majority this is the truth but thinking like that still doesn't make it positive.

Second that is not what the open is about. For a select few the CrossFit Open is about making it to regionals and then hopefully make it to The CrossFit Games and I would be willing to bet for most of those select few it is about more than just the competition. It is about the community world wide coming together and doing the same workouts. Experiencing and connecting the community thru doing what we love the WOD!

To everyone I say I think you should sign up for the open not to compare yourself with everyone but more to hold yourself accountable for trying hard and giving it your all. It puts some skin in the game so it's not just another workout. It helps you test yourself and push to places you may have not been before. You will come out stronger and more confident. It will test you and give you feed back on what you might need a little work on. Most importantly it is a way to connect with others world wide thru fitness the same way we connect with those in our own gym. We connect thru Fitness, thru a constant pursuit to get better and healthier day in and day out!

Sign up and get ready to have some fun! We will be doing the first workout this Saturday February 28th, 2015. Then the next 4 weeks on Friday nights from 5pm-7:30pm. If you are not a member but would like to join us send us an email.

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