Burning Legs with the Box Step-Up


The box step-up is a lower body exercise where the athlete stands in front of a box and then proceeds to step up onto the box one leg at a time. Once standing fully upright on the box with hips open, the athlete then steps down one foot at a time to complete the rep. The box step up is often used as a scaled version for completing a box jump and is a great exercise that will engage the butt, front of legs, and back of legs as it is completed.

Watch the video clip below for a full explanation of technique, tips and tricks for performing the movement with efficiency, as well as precautions for staying safe.


  1. Stand Up Fully: Often the box step-up is incorporated into various workouts where speed is of the essence, and sometimes athletes will therefore rush the movement and not complete a proper box step-up. To complete the box step-up, you must stand fully upright on top of the box. So, slow down and focus on fully opening the hips once you’re on top of the box before you step back down onto the ground.

  2. Create a Rhythm: It can become tedious and easy to lose count of your reps when you’re stepping up and down repetitively. It can also be quite easy to trip or get a toe caught as you are stepping up and down. Think about creating a rhythm in your head for you to follow with each step so that you not only create a more smooth transition between reps, but you also alternate legs properly so that both legs are getting a workout with the movement.

  3. Scale Height: Depending on your mobility and strength, you can scale the height of the box you use for the box step-up. Be sure to consider the type of workout you’re doing and whether the goal is increased strength or speed. This should inform your decision on box height so that you can complete the workout while still working toward greater results in your ability to perform the movement.

  4. Weighted Variation: Weighted box step-ups are also used in various workouts and require you to hold onto a kettle bell or another form of weight as you complete the step-up. This extra weight will make it harder to move smoothly up and down from the box and often causes the athlete to hunch forward. Focus on keeping your torso upright and fully opening your hips at the top to prevent back injury.

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